Missing Out Life (or kinda..)

Watching an autoplay on Youtube, I started with Ellie Goulding singing Love Me Like You Do in a Victoria's Secret runway. When I see those glorious Barbies, I said to myself, "They look like they're 20-25 max." The videos continued to play.. then there was Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and then Charlie Puth singing in… Continue reading Missing Out Life (or kinda..)


Super Proud Fan

I know nobody in my 'offline' life would give a shit about this, but I GIVE A LOT OF SHIT ON THIS!!! Rami Malek, my biggest starstruck, had just received two nominations from Screen Actors Guild (Outstanding Performance by A Male Actor in a Drama Series) and Golden Globe award (Best Actor in TV Series,… Continue reading Super Proud Fan


Mr. Robot (finally write about this)

Again. My job is stuck because I can't go further without any proposal fromĀ vendor, and they're kinda slow. Ugh I hate this waiting. Makes me feelĀ useless. Thus, let's not talk about it. Let's talk about something fun. Mr. Robot. OH HELL YEA I'M GONNA TALK ABOUT IT. *Eventhough I don't understand all the technology jargons… Continue reading Mr. Robot (finally write about this)