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I Can’t Wait for My Baby

I can’t wait for my baby to be finished!

Yeah, I’m talking about my new apartment. It’s a small, 33 m2, 2 bedrooms apartment. When I first saw it, I wanted to cry. It was soooo small but the price was so high. Well, that’s what you get for more or less $50,000 in Jakarta.

But, my boyfriend made me a cozy design for this smaaaall apartment. And I loovee it so much! Check this out:



It’s soooo cute, isn’t it? I love it simple, warm, but up to date. Inspired by scandinavian style (and limited budget hahaha), my boyfriend created this. It’s in progress now, I hope it will be finished by the end of this month. Hopefully everything goes smooth! *crossing fingers*

My boyfriend is an architect and he has his own architecture/interior design business, you can check it out here: Je & Hazt. So far, people from Jabodetabek area can use his service to create their dream house/apartments/office/etc. If you need someone who can help you create your dream space, contact him right away.

Price? Well, I got special price because I’m his special person hahahahaha.. But trust me, he can create good design based on your budget.

I’ll update when the apartment is ready~!! Woohooo~!!

Je & Hazt Designs & Interior


IG: @je_and_hazt

Facebook: Je&Hazt Designs


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait for My Baby

  1. Looks nice! When it’s done can I come over.. and touch everything? I’m curious to see the buiLt-ins 😂 (I’LL bring donuts. Or pizza.)

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