I don't usually upload a video on Youtube, but I've got a lot of time in the weekend (coz I'm not allowed to move too much, I was just on my bed) so here it is, the compilation of all my favorite Snafu scene in HBO miniseries, The Pacific.


The Danish Girl

I remember on Amel's birthday I texted her to say happy birthday and we ended up having this crazy noon talk about SWAT team that make us SWEAT and WET. The team is separated into two sub-teams: Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston are sent to Amel's office to save her from boredom, and Benedict Cumberbatch… Continue reading The Danish Girl


Mr. Robot (finally write about this)

Again. My job is stuck because I can't go further without any proposal fromĀ vendor, and they're kinda slow. Ugh I hate this waiting. Makes me feelĀ useless. Thus, let's not talk about it. Let's talk about something fun. Mr. Robot. OH HELL YEA I'M GONNA TALK ABOUT IT. *Eventhough I don't understand all the technology jargons… Continue reading Mr. Robot (finally write about this)