Okay, this in one of those emotional posts.

WARNING: Many many many cussing!!

I just really really really don’t understand what the fuck do they expect from people like us? A full-time worker with pretty tight schedule, who have two more subjects with some fucking assignments every fucking week.

What the fuck was in their mind when they said they expect us to publish our thesis as journal in Scopus or any other well known academic journal websites? Are they FUCKING CRAZY???

Are we all Di-Stro who has all the money so she could pay babysitters to take care of her kids, who has driver to drive her here and there while she’s reading her journals in the car? Who has a filthy rich husband so she doesn’t to have to worry about the financial? Whose job is so flexible and well paid? Who doesn’t have to worry to be late for job?


We are just some worker trying to get more knowledge to improve our skill at job, hoping to get better position. And those assignments they are giving are actually not helping. They’re excruciating. And now they expect us to publish something like we devote our live into it? Which is impossible!! *Note: I AM NOT THAT SMART-ASS*

Min. 8 hours of job.

2-3 hours of classes, twice a week.

4-5 hours of assignments, two damn assignments/weeks.

Plus two major project for each subject, takes about 5 hours to finish.

Maybe 2-3 hours per day for thesis. Supposedly so. But I am so fed up with all this shit I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING YET THIS PAST TWO MONTHS. SO FUCKING FED UP. So I think I’m gonna spend 8 hours/day every weekends to do this shit.

Sleep? I wish I could sleep 4 hours everyday. NO! Been there done that. Made me a very SHITTY PERSON. I need more sleep. 8 hours is the best. BUT WHO AM I TO GET THIS LUXURY????!!!!!!

So yeah, WHAT THE FUCK WAS IN THEIR HEAD WHEN THEY MADE THE CURRICULUM??? The so called management school are only made for fresh graduates with no job, or CEOs. Not a fucking low employees like me.

And maybe this is one of the worst emotional decisions I’ve ever made in my life.


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