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I miss it. Really. I deleted almost all of my active social medias due to some reasons. 1. It took many of my time just to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll down the timeline. 2. I was addicted. YES. 3. I was going to face the hardest time of my life: thesis. 4.… Continue reading Social Media


Hiding Behind a Wall of Perfection

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It’s never easy to keep it together all the time. The expected notion of staying calm and pretending like nothing is bothersome. Well, NEWSFLASH! It’s not working. This is an area in which I like to call hiding behind a wall of perfection. Have you ever had a friend, coworker, or even a family member ask you what’s wrong? Did you truly believe that they REALLY, 100% wanted to actually know what was wrong with you? There are some odds betting that they really did not want to hear it. It’s human nature to ask a person, who in our terms isn’t their normal self, the question of what’s going on. As you are trying to hold onto that wall of perfection, you start to lose grip, and reality begins to hit. Deep down inside of you, somewhere, is a broken soul. So damaged beyond repair. You walk around with your…

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Lovable vs. Likable

Googling around, found an old post and I think it pretty much describe me. Likeable, but not loveable. The only explanation on my condition, why no one seems to put an effort to be with me (while I’d love to put some effort to be with them), is because I am not loveable.

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Lovable: To attract feelings of love.

Likable: To be pleasing.

I am likable, but not lovable. My best friends, Jessie, Marge, and Abby, now they are lovable. People meet them and instantly love them. Can not get enough of them. Me, I’m likable, but have the tendency to attract lovable people as friends. Which is good, because I have an awesome group of friends, annoying, because I want to be lovable.

What is the difference between these two words? Lovable, people can not stay away from you. You are on their minds all the time. Jessie, for example, have several men that love her. Want to be with her constantly. Buy her things. Make her happy. Me, not so much. I have tons of guy friends, but that’s who I am. I’m the friend. Guys feel comfortable telling me about other girls tits. I think they forget I have a…

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