Mistaken Good Doers.

We all know what happened in Paris lately. An attack at Charlie Hebdo office, killed 12 people, and a man took hostages in a kosher supermarket, killed 2 people. Also there was one policewoman shot to death. I think we all should agree that what those culprits did was inhumane, simply retarded, and the world is better off without them.

But, please don’t make it sound like it’s a serious disease infecting ALL PEOPLE with the same believe as those culprits. What they did was wrong and crazy indeed, but please don’t generalize.

I am an Indonesian, living in Indonesia, a nation with the biggest moslem citizen on earth, and am a minority both in religion and ethnicity. But I am proud to say that I’ve been living a good life here, surrounded by millions of moslems everyday, and you know what, I love them.

I think it’s time for me, for us, to speak up that not all moslems are like Amedy Coulibaly. If they were, I’d be dead by now for simply rejecting their belief. There are many many many loving moslems and those are the people I meet everyday. And In France, for example, a man named Bathily, a moslem, helped the kosher supermarket visitors to enter a fridge where they can hide and he managed to escape the scene and told police about what happened (news here). He helped others regardless their differences. He is such a hero.

This kind of moslem man is what we need to stand up and speak, that they are also despise those extremists, that they also want to live in peace. Please, stand up and speak. Tell the world that you are as loving as what I see everyday, and show them that they are mistaken you for some crazy millitant.


2 thoughts on “Mistaken Good Doers.

  1. Sometimes I wish those stupid peopLe wouLd just drop dead than waste the brains given to them to scheme.. things. The worLd aLready has too much probLems without them.

    1. Totally. Hope they’d realise that what they are doing is not ‘defending’ the religion, instead, they make it sounds bad and cause non-believers to generalize and do bad things to nice sweet believers.

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