I can’t believe that it’s 2015 already!! This is my first post in 2015. Shall we celebrate? NO! No one reads this mumbling but me, anyway. I write so I can look back of things I did and sometimes to remind myself to be grateful that I could go through all those shits. Because, you know, mostly I write when I’m pissed.

Okay, so this is what happened in 2014.

HOLIDAAAAAAAY! Yes, It was the first holiday after I entered postgraduate class at MMUI. I didn’t do too much celebration, just got a new haircut and spent losta money on foods and entertainment. Typical holiday-spending.

Oh shit! The classes began! It was harder than the 1st semester, but I’m grateful I had friends, esp Si A, who helped me alot during this semester. Oh, btw, I still had feelings to Si A during this time.

Pretty much the same as February, with crazier tasks. Still liked Si A, but he started to tell me about this one girl. Which, kinda turned me off.

Nothing much. Not special. Only the fact that I was promoted to class 6 and it STRESSED me so much. I hate the fact that I literally didn’t do anything useful but was promoted. The whole company must have hated me. It’s still a mistery why on earth did Mr. K promoted me. I have no idea until now. I mean, I am a losy worker with very bad attitude (esp to my own superior whim I disrespect), who care less about jobs and have no interest on being better. But maybe I should see it from another perspective that it’s a miracle. I got salary up anyway. Had the 1st MC Training session at Senayan.

Si A got more intense with the girl..if I’m not mistaken. But, magically, I didn’t hurt or anything, instead, I supported him. It’s so good to stop falling for your own friend. Frinedship is better anyway. Another MC Training.

Final Exam. HOLIDAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY~!!!! Birthday!! Being 27 and single and got lost and everything my friends weren’t made me felt like I was an alien. Like I’m the Martian in the sea of Earth human. But hey, someone from MC Training noticed me and made a move. Maybe my life wasn’t so bad…

Sometimes, our stupidity takes control of our mind and body in a shape of LUST. He came, and in a very short time I fell for him, and we’re dating and this and that and BAM! He gave up and left me, he got me hanging by the end of July.

Hanging for two weeks and I thought I couldn’t go like this, I had to break up. So, we met and decide to end all this shits because he gave up so easily and maybe because I wasn’t worthy enough for him to fight. But, on the other hand, it showed that he was clearly obviously totally not worthy to fight for. Because he gave up. But I can say that it ended up quite well. Even though I don’t think I wanna be friends with him.

UGH. The new semester started. My GOD, the crazy school thought that we’re just studying at school and got no job and no life. So freakin hectic and it continues to the next months. Hated everything again.

I’ve got enough. I hated everything to the extend that I wanted to resign. I talked to the one and only Mr. K who was wise enough to understand me and my selfishness. He made me realise how great he is and how I am grateful to have him as the superior of my superiors. Oh, my best friend got married and I was like……. SO NOT READY FOR CHANGES THAT WOULD COME!!

Simply crazy shit with all the boredom and hectic schedule.

More pressure for school. Crazy proposal-making shits. My life was chaotic. Super tired. TIRED, like when you wanna give up on life. But, one thing happened that kinda….. brightened up my days. Someone confessed and I was like, “Whoa.. He likes me even though I didn’t do anything for him!” And this occurrence by the end of the year made me felt so good about myself. Well, at least I can see that I actually have the ability to attract opposite sex even without doing too much. Or maybe because I didn’t do too much that he has his own imagination (or expectation) about me?? Oh well, I don’t wanna think too much about it. I just wanna feel the good side now.

Well, that’s it. That was my (very not important report of) 2014.


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