I love to give names to some of my belongings. Mostly, I give names to dolls and laptops. Dolls when I was so much younger and I’ve forgotten all of the names. Hahahaha.. Then I grew up and had new toys… Laptops xD

So, up until now, I’ve had 4 laptops and they all have names.

My first laptop was an old Toshiba something… I didn’t even know the type. It was a big heavy black Laptop with 14″ 4:3 screen. I named it Bang Toshi. The original OS was Windows 98.. OMG so old!! Hahaha.. Then it showed a disturbingly symptom of old laptop, slow and the screen wasn’t working well.

It’s time to change to the new one! Yes. I chose Vaio (which I also forget the type, VGN-something). It’s a cute laptop in grey with orange line on the edge. It was still a big and heavy one, but so much more fancier than Bang Toshi. I named her Vaiola. Vaiola had Windows Vista with bluetooth feature, she had 13″ screen. I used Vaiola the longest. From 2007 until now, it’s still working……..but the keyboards aren’t!! XDDD I didn’t had the urge to buy new laptop eventhough Vaiola had broken keyboards (and lately the touch pad was also broken), because I could use extended keyboard and a mouse.


But then I decided to get in a postgraduate program, and there is no way I can work conveniently with the old Vaiola. Then I purchased an Asus (which, again, I don’t remember the type), a cheap laptop with original Windows 8 OS and touch screen!! I name it Asusilawati. A female name, but I think the laptop was more male than female. Hahaha.. Anyway, it got infected by virus so easily and now it has problem with shutting down feature. I’ve shut it down several times but it didn’t shut down!!!


Ugh I was so much annoyed that I bought a new laptop when I got my bonus!!!! It was such a stupid emotional shopping, but I didn’t regret it! Because this time I purchased an Apple :DDD

I bought a Macbook Air, 11″, 128GB storage. The cheapesttt of courseee xD How can I afford the upper variant? Hahahahaah..

This time, I am totally in love with it. Eventhough it has a very small hard disk storage, and don’t have a CD/DVD ROM player, I am so satisfied. It’s sleek and thin and stylish design is so cool! The 11″ screen is somehow as wide as my 13″ Asus. And as people said, Mac is so much more resistance to virus than Windows. It’s virus free! Woohoooo!!!

I finally though it was time to give it a name. Macbook Air… My silly side said that Mabok Air would be a hilarious name. But my sane side said it was super lame. So I finally named it AIRA, from Air. I think Aira is cute and it can be used for male. Yes, I want my Macbook Air to be a male!!!!


Ah well, that’s enough for my stipid blabber about an extremely unimportant information. I needed to relax my mind from a mountain of school assignments.


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