Kiwi The Fruit

I am so into this fruit now.

Several days ago, after a long tiring day, I went to a mini market close by, looking for something fresh. There, I just stared on the fruit racks, thinking which fruit would be fresh enough for my tired body. Then I saw these kiwi.. There were two kinds: gold and green. The ‘gold’ one was rather bald compared to the ‘hairy’ green. But OMG, the price was more than twice of green! While green kiwi was priced at IDR 5900/100gr, the gold was at IDR 11.900/100gr!! Shoooot, that was super expensive!

But I bought it anyway.. ^^” around 200gr for two gold kiwis.

Oh my God, that was one of the best fruit I’ve ever eaten!!


Sliced them into two, took a small spoon and scooped the kiwi! Heaven!

The gold (rather yellowish than gold tho…) flesh was sweet and watery. The fruit was cold, oh that was so fresh. It was so delicious, I just forgot the price at the moment.

I still can taste the juicy gold/yellowish flesh in my mouth. It’s been 3 days in a row I’v been enjoying this fruit as my night snack.

Thank God I found a cheaper gold kiwis in another mini market specialized in selling fruit. IDR 83.000/1kg. Still, it’s super expensive for fruit in Indonesia, but it worth the deliciousness, freshness, and the vitamin!!

In this web, it’s written: “A nutrient-rich serving of kiwifruit may be just what you need. A serving of kiwifruit (2 kiwis) has twice the vitamin C of an orange, as much potassium as a banana and the fiber of a bowl of whole grain cereal–all for less than 100 calories!”

Also, there are many great facts about kiwi written there. I guess I’m gonna stick to this fruit for quite a long time!

I hope I can afford it anytime I have to restock! Hahahaha…


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