If I Have Money

I'd love to spend it on psychiatrist. Or psychologist at the least. I fuckin need help but I have no money for such luxury help.


While Taking A Leave

I've found joy and light feeling. I don't have to wake up early only to go and meet people I hate. I don't have to listen to all the shits coming out of the boss' filthy mouth. I don't have to hold my eyes open when I'm so much sleepy. The same thing I couldn't… Continue reading While Taking A Leave


How embroidery is helping women in Pakistan stand up to honor killings and inequality

It’s so wonderful that this young and brave woman was born, thanks to her wonderful family. At the same time, it’s so sad that there are cases that led her to risk her life on something that we take for grated here. May God bless her and her work.


Khalida Brohi grew up traveling between two very different parts of Pakistan: the bustling city of Karachi, where her parents moved so that she and her sisters could go to school, and a small village in Balochistan, where her family has its roots. Brohi got a modern education, and also developed a deep reverence for her tribal traditions. Those two threads often tangled — especially when it came to the treatment of women.

As a teenager, Brohi watched as, one by one, her childhood friends entered arranged marriages, sometimes against their will. When she was 16, she received word that a close friend had been murdered by her family in an “honor killing.” She set her mind on starting a movement to stop these practices. But as it gained momentum, it also spurred a backlash.

“We were challenging centuries-old customs in these communities. They stood up, saying we were spreading un-Islamic behavior,”…

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