It Matters

I have this one friend who got married to a man, perhaps not her dream man, but she’s obviously happy with him. Looking at them, I can feel their happiness. Looking at them, even me can see that they are meant to be.

I have another friend who finally decides to get married after a long discussion, a long ups and down, a long internal fight. And I obviously support her decision. People support her.

Sometimes I think that we can see either we are with the right person or not by looking at people around us, how they react to our relationship. People around us can be parents, siblings, relatives, friends, or simply people we don’t really know but know our partner. Their opinion matters.

I had two failed relationships, which both have the same core problem. Shit, rite? YES, it is. But I believe that if God wants us to be together, then we will. Even our parents can’t say no to that. Of course, it’s vice versa. After some thinking, I can finally see why all the shits happened, that God wants me to be with neither of them. God showed it by my parents’ reaction, and how the other party dealt with it, which was super lame and suck. My friends? Well, the relationships weren’t long enough for my friend to be part of them. Sad but true, I have never been in a relationship where I can chill with my partner and my friends, or his friends.

Anyway, I remember this one friend of mine. When I see this person with the partner, all I can see is……… I dunno exactly how to say it, but I don’t think they deserve each other. One is too good for another, and it’s not about beauty, wealth, family background, or education. One is simply too good of a person to be with the other. One is obviously a hopeless settler, and the other is a pathetic corny reacher. Of course, if it’s only my mere opinion, it won’t affect anything, because maybe it’s just me who have false judgement. But what if most people that know this couple irked by the idea of them getting together? And some even pity one party… Isn’t it a too obvious sign that they are not meant to be and they are just wasting their time?

Of course, I am not God. I can’t say anything for sure, it’s just how I react and how people react toward them. I want to convey my opinion to this friend, and try to make it as smooth as possible… Which is not my best talent, which maybe can ruin our friendship. The point is, I can’t. Maybe the best thing I can do is pray to God to lead my friend, so this person can see that people have negative reaction, and it matters.


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