I just feel so bored and need to escape from job/study. So I’m just gonna post random blog and this time is about my current playlist *as if anyone will care about it, but what the hell, I am super bored*.

So, without further ado, here it is, my playlist in alphabetical order and short story behind them.

Damien Rice - 9

1. Damien Rice – 9 Crimes

2. Damien Rice – Cannonball
3. Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter
The first time I heard Damien Rice’s songs was when I was in Japan. My friend told me about Jude Law’s movie she liked so much, Closer, and the soundtrack she liked, but she didn’t remember the song title nor the singer. So I downloaded it and watched it. Then there it was…
“I can’t take my eyes off you..
I can’t take my eyes off you..
I can’t take my eyes off you..
I can’t take my eyes…”
I can’t get over this The Blower’s Daughter song ever since. The other two are songs I liked so much from Damien Rice’s albums, O and 9.


4. Dido – Here With Me
Last week I rewatched Love Actually–oh, what a sweet movie. My fav (unrequitted) love story was between Mark (Andrew Lincoln) and Juliet (Kiera Knightley). That scene where Juliet came to Mark’s place without notice and saw her wedding video which was full of her, only her.. then Mark walked out his place and this song played along. Ah, so heartbreaking!! :”(

Ed Sheeran - The A Team

5. Ed Sheeran – Class A Team
Heard this song in karaoke, when Widya sang it very beautifully. The I downloaded it, and fell in love with this sad song about a life of a girl. Damn, girl, you make me feel so lucky.

Ed Sheeran

6. Ed Sheeran – Lego House
My friend posted on Path that he was listening to this song. Knowing Ed Sheeran from Class A Team song, I downloaded the song and again, I fell in love with his song.

Enya-Only Time

7. Enya – Only Time
Heard this song for the first time sooo many years ago, but when the Volvo addict boy in my class played a Youtube video of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split (an ad for Volvo trucks), I immediately fall in love with this song.
“Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies, only time
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies, only time”
Damn…. hahahahaha…

James Blunt - Bonfire Heart

8. James Blunt – Bonfire Heart
So I got this Cumberbitch virus attacking the core of my heart and brain and it led me to be this crazy fangirl who browses through Youtube looking for Cumberbatch’s live interview videos. The I found Graham Norton Live Show with the super-Britishly-stunning Benedict Cumberbatch (and Harrison Ford, Jack Whitehall, and James Blunt). Cumberbatch was super tempting with short black hair and body-fit suit and thin tie…. Ok, I have to stop talking about Cumberbatch here! The last segment of the show was James Blunt’s live with his then new song, Bonfire Heart. I fell in love with the song (and his SMILE!!) immediately.


9. Jason Mraz – Sleeping To Dream
2009 was my year with Jason Mraz. I lived in Japan that time, but English songs was my daily friend, one of them were Jason’s. The super talented musician with super soothing voice! I downloaded almost all of his albums/EP/singles available on the internet (thx to Japan’s fast internet), and one of them was A Jason Mraz Demonstration with Sleeping To Dream in it. And it was basically my sleeping to dream song during my stay in Japan… ❤


10. Lorde – Royals
I listened to this song too often in the radio that I eventually fell for this song.

I see the light

11. Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi – I See The Light
Tangled. One of my fav Disney animation and, of course, I love the soundtracks. I even imagine this song will be sung in my I-don’t-even-know-when-wedding. Mandy Moore was okay, but Levi’s voice was sooo A.R.G.H.!!

She will be loved

12. Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved
This is like telling my self that she (I) will be loved.

Whereever You Are

13. One Ok Rock – Wherever You Are
The only Japanese song in my playlist. Thank youuu Amel/Tina/Akita/Edo/Andi for singing this song the last time we had a karaoke at f(X). I love this song so much! And I believe Taka is one of Japanese singers who can actually pronounce English lines quite well (but sometimes he mistook R for L).


14. Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko – Stay
I love how Rihanna sounds in this song. I just love the song.


15. Rixton – Me and My Broken Heart
I was so bored one night and browsed thru iTunes to find some good songs. Then I found this song on the featured page. Only IDR 3000 (!!!) and it sounded so good in the preview. So I purchased and satisfied!!
“Shot gun, aimed at my heart, you got one
Tear me apart and then some
How do we call this love?
I try to run away but your eyes
Tell me to stay oh why-y
Why do we call this love?”


16. The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
It’s simply because the song is funny. Kinda hurtful but in a funny way. I dunno how to explain. I just like the song!

Sleeping at last

17. Sleeping At Last – In The Embers
I watched Criminal Minds season 3 ep 3 (Final Shot) and by the end of the episode, when Hotchner shot the sniper, this song was played along. What a sad yet calming tune. You definitely have to listen to this song!!!
“We live and we die like fireworks
Our legacies hide in the embers
May our stories catch fire
And burn bright enough to catch God’s eye”


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