Ms. Know-it-all Talks

When you know about something that is uncommon, you are called “Mr/Ms. Know-it-all”.

When you don’t know something that is common, you are called “stupid/sucker/silly/illogical” etc.

I knew something and was called Ms. Know-it-all. So now, let the Ms. Know-it-all talks.

I know people don’t want to be judged, but they judge. I guess it’s nature. But what makes me sick is that they judge wrong. If I know something you don’t, let’s assume that I know it earlier than you and it doesn’t mean that I know everything. Maybe I just read more, or have more relatives in the field I know about. It doesn’t mean I am smarter than you.

Ask me about car, maybe I know a lil bit more than you, but lemme tell you that I am a dummy in automotive field. But when I talk about cars that you don’t know about, maybe you’re gonna think: Okay, stop there, I know you know so much about cars and maybe about any other things, you Ms. Know-it-all.

It hurt me so much when one of my friend mocked me by that name. I just wanted to tell her not to judge doctors because what she saw in the media was not fair to doctors, and that she needed to see it from doctors’ point of view why they thought it was necessary to do a demonstration. And when I told her to read more and that some doctors were still working and taking care of patients, she called me by that mocking name.

To my defense, I have a brother who is a doctor and surely knows what is emboli that killed the poor mother. Who knows how it feels to be a person who tried to help but then blamed. Who knows that he is working under a pretty messed up system.

He told me stories, so I know how he moans about people who don’t appreciate their job enough, in fact they think doctors are heartless and rich. I know his grieve when he encounterd his first death experience with a patient. I could empathize his feeling, after hours of resuscitation and yet, the patient died. After a struggle to save a blue-colored baby and he thought he did it, but then the baby died two weeks after. I could never imagine how hard to be in his shoes when he had tried everything he could, yet the patient died and he still had to give the family a very bad news.

And he also told me the joy he felt when he could save the patient, when he saw a baby born, when a patient/family thanked him, when his patient was going home, sound and safe.

But, does the media care about this? No. Nobody cares if you have born a healthy baby with a smooth operation unless you are a public figure. Nobody gives a damn if your grandpa comes home and be able to walk again after a stroke attack. You don’t read those stories in mainstream multimedia.

So I was seriously offended when she mocked me that way. I know that it sucks to have someone critisize you, but at least you can hide your anger and let the attitude go else where. I wasn’t trying to look smarter or something. I just wanted her not to judge doctors. She said she was just asking why on earth would doctor leave their patients for a solidarity demo? But the way she wrote her question was so judging. And she had no idea that doctors are still working and helping patients in manu health institutions during that day. She didn’t know because she didn’t read more. She was dragged by mainstream media. I can’t blame her for that, but I wish she could be wiser.

That’s it, that was what this Ms. know-it-all wanted to say to you all.

Anyway it also works for me, to remind me to always see things thoroughly from manu pointnof views. I hope I can be better person.

Before I end this post, you can read below link if you have time:

Thank you.


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