Car Scent

So we went to ACE Hardware after long hours of boring homeworks. I was looking for car scent, he was looking for sunshade.

There, I found California Scent, my fave car scent. I chose Colorado Cherry in deep pink can. Actually, this brand reminds me of my ex’s car. His car smells really good thx to this canned car scent. But I wasn’t sure which one.. this deep pink one? Or green one? Or light pink one? My weak memory said it was the green one. Or maybe the deep pink… Oh my memory sucks.

Then my friend said he wanted a car scent too. He sniffed the pink one.. and the deep pink.. and the green, golden, black, purple ones..

“Okay, I’m gonna take this,” he said while taking two green cans.

“Oh, my ex’s car smells like that…,” I said instantly.

Don’t know why I said that. I mean, I don’t mind smelling the exact same scent in other people’s car. Also, I wasn’t even sure whether it was the same scent or not. And it doesn’t mean I’m gonna ride on my friend’s car anyway. Plus, I bought a can and still there’s some possibility it was the same scent as in my ex’s car. But I guess the way I said it.. perhaps it made me sounded like I got traumatized with that scent… Maybe he was gonna laugh at me.

“Oh, really? Okay, then I’ll take these,” said my friend and he took two purple cans to the cashier.

You know what, that was unexpected. And really sweet. Thank you!


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