Please Let Me Have My Drugs

Do you know that feeling when you’re just excited over something, or someone? I guess that is one of the best feeling ever. It gives you the spirit to get up and live your days lively.

I’ve been having such a feeling. Oh, it’s so much fun! Wake up, can’t wait to see the one thing that excites me, can’t hold the smile everytime I can get in touch with it. It’s just so exciting I think I’m in love with it.

But, as usual, well at least it’s usual for me… When I’m on top, I’ll trip and fall. When I started to enjoy the fun and the excitement, it’s just gone. Seems like the world doesn’t want me to have some fun. I’m losing the excitement, losing the fun. And now I don’t feel like waking up in the morning.

Can I get my excitement/fun back? Or at least, can I have the replacement? I need it like a junkie needs his/her drugs. Please let me have my drugs.


4 thoughts on “Please Let Me Have My Drugs

  1. Just had a slight fear again reading the title ._____.
    I haven’t had much excitement either for the last couple of months, so I know the feeling of dread oh so well whenever waking up is involved… and it really ruins the mood for the entire day.

    But lately I’ve been pouring so much energy at the gym (up to the point of obsession) because I wanted to escape all those bad feelings. I always feel better afterwards ^^ and it kinda legitimizes whatever junk I eat after that haha XD Still, I kinda feel like I don’t have a life cos I go there too many times a week -___-;;

    Hope you get some more free time soon, so maybe you can go on a holiday and/or find and do more things that excite you 🙂 I’m guessing you need a change of scenery.

  2. It’s just an analogy, tin.. hehehe.. I don’t do drugs. 😛

    You’re right, you know. My life has been boring, like super boring, and I need something new. But sometimes, even new things that come are not as great as we wish they would be.

    And now I hope I have times to go to gym… Hate this fat on my sexy body. Hahaha..

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