Ms. Know-it-all Talks

When you know about something that is uncommon, you are called "Mr/Ms. Know-it-all". When you don't know something that is common, you are called "stupid/sucker/silly/illogical" etc. I knew something and was called Ms. Know-it-all. So now, let the Ms. Know-it-all talks. I know people don't want to be judged, but they judge. I guess it's… Continue reading Ms. Know-it-all Talks


Would You Help Me?

It's gonna be a confession. And an honest post. And a scream out from the deepest of my heart. I'm gonna start with a confession: whenever I open soc med page and see my friends post their babies picts, or their husband/wife's picts, or they talk about their wedding plan, or about them working abroad,… Continue reading Would You Help Me?