Love It

Last Saturday, my friend had her wedding party in Serang. Jauh ya boo.. Hihihi.. Tapi dengan semangat 45 gw pergi ke sana.. So I went there with office friends.

The meeting-point was at Seven-Eleven near my place, I met them there after went to car wash, washing my lovely J. There is no way I go to car wash with make up on.. so I did a quick make up at Seven-Evelen =_=”

But hey, I guess the result wasn’t so bad. Instead, I kinda like it. Eventho I need to practice for the eybrow more.. ahahah… ^^”



What I didn’t expect was my friend said such a flattering comments:

“Wooow, cici.. You look stunning!”

“Eh, Met.. Don’t steal the thunder!”

Hahaha.. thank you guys, totally flattered! 😉


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