Oh My J!

J is like my new babe. I can’t live without him now.


I’m so single that I call my own car as sweetheart. Hahahaha..

Anyway, I crashed a motorbike on Friday night, when I was going back home from campus (oh yeah, I am so single I spent my Friday night at campus). I was in a crossroad, there was this strange traffic light that shows red light sooooooo long and green light so quickly. From my left, there was this big motorbike with a big horn and high speed tried to cut my way, so I let him. I hit the brake to slow down, and look at my left side to see the big bike. Then…… BRAKKK!!! I hit a motorbike in front of me!! GOD!!

I didn’t see the bike.. Seems like he wanted to pass me from right and he hit brake because there was a car from the right side of the crossroad. So he stopped, and I was busy looking at the big bike at my left and I hit him. Oh God, I was shocked. It wasn’t a hard crash, but it seems like the bike rider got quite a shock and he suddenly run his bike so fast he left me with a scary “KRAKKK” sound.

OH MY J!!!

What happened? I didn’t stop to see the front bumper, cos it was close to my place and almost 10 pm. When I arrived at home, I check the front bumper and wanted to scream….


The bumper’s clips were all gone and my bumper was dangling… Okay, it’s actually not that bad but it was quite wide opened.. like 4 cm! And when I saw the scratch… DEEP scratch on my precious J… Mamaaaaaaaah!

So I contacted my friend who works in Quality Assurance. He suggested me to come to my office’s carpool and his men will help me attatch the bumper and soften the scratch so I won’t look scary.. SCARy. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to go to general workshop and spend some money for this. Turned out it was quite easy to attach (but need strong power to put the clips on manually).


Look at the magic now. If we look carefully, we still can see the deep scratch, but it looks way better than previously. Aaaaah, I’m so glad to have friends who understand about cars and have access to “workshops” in my internal office. Thx sooo much, bro! You and your men saved my J!

Oh my J! ❤


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