Package from London

My mom contacted me thru Whatsapp, she told me that I got a package from Romuald. Well, she wrote it like this:

“Ada paket dr romuel.”

I don’t have a friend named Romuel. XDD This must be Romuald Soleil, my French friend. He’s living in London now. I’ve known him for about 5 years.

Then I asked my mom to open the package and send a photo of it. And I was surprised.

iPhone Picture 199

He sent me so many stuffs! Snacks and tea and jams and L’occitane!!!

AAAAAAAA I’m so happy I will go home tomorrow only to see those things and read the letter.

I messaged him thru Facebook asking him about the package and he said it was suppose to be a surprise but he got a call from the delivery service that the package got a problem in custom office. I guess he was concerend it will ruin the surprise. But hey, it arrived safely in my house and I AM SO HAPPY!

OMG he’s so sweet.

And your surprise worked really well, Mister!


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