Oh My J!

J is like my new babe. I can't live without him now. HE IS A CAR, OKAAAAY! I'm so single that I call my own car as sweetheart. Hahahaha.. Anyway, I crashed a motorbike on Friday night, when I was going back home from campus (oh yeah, I am so single I spent my Friday… Continue reading Oh My J!


Berkat Dokter

Belakangan ini, I kinda feel good about my facial skin. Yang tadinya jerawatan kecil-kecil, banyak, kasar, kusam, sekarang sudah jauh lebih baik. Masih ada bekas2 jerawatnya sih, tapi bisa diakalin pake Camera360! Bhahahaha... Dan gue jadi suka poto2 sendiri.. I've never liked myself as much as this before.. Eventho I know I don't look that… Continue reading Berkat Dokter


What we become

I really need to spread this blog by my friend, Amel. Mel, you said it well. Please let me share.

We want people to respect our choice, to respect what we want to be, but sometimes we forget that we are also judgmental to others. Now, respect each other, and feminism is not something we’re fighting for any longer, but something we’re actually doing.

It's a very, very mad world

This picture breaks my heart


What makes me sad is the ones who caLLed the girLs UgLy, SLut, Fake, Whore, Dumb, and Bitch couLd be other women.

We have our own ideaL on how and what we want to be, and think other peopLe (women) who are not our ideaLs are.. Lesser than us. I confess that I am guiLty of this as weLL, but when I was staring at this picture in a dazed state, suddenLy I reaLized that each of these girLs may be strong in their own ways.

GirL A couLd be comfortabLe in her own skin, and she knows that appearance is not everything. And she don’t need to get Laid to feeL good.

GirL B and GirL D know they’re sexy are confident with their beauty and and want to show it off.

GirL C knows what she Likes and sticks to it, even though…

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