I had this dream: confronted my ex’s new girlfriend how he cheated on me.

I don’t wanna stress on the story, I just wonder why I dream about him again (who, btw, looked too much different in the dream)?

Have you ever had a dream of your bad ex after a long time you don’t even think about that person? What do you think it means?

I thought I missed him, but I dunno. I’m not even sure whether I want him to be around (as an acquintance, not even a friend) or not. He’s so insignificant in my life lately.

My friend said that if you see people you know in a dream, it means they miss you. She said that they think a lot about you and thus it’s reflected in the dream you see.

I dunno, I kinda don’t believe it. But I also think that I don’t miss him.

Maybe deep down in my heart I still have the urge to confront him and his cheating partner. That’s why I saw such a dream. Hahahahaha….


2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. i have weird dreams, like, ALL the time. Dreams don’t mean anything unless you give meaning to them.
    But I like my dreams, sometimes they’re quite adventurous!

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