Boredom is like a disease.

I need a medicine to kill this boredom. And so I remember that my friend, Tina, has this list of questions on her blogpost, so I guess I’m gonna use these questions as a medicine. I am BORED, Oh God….

So, here it goes, Tina, I’m answering your questions even if they’re not intended for me 😀

Are there any trashy music/books/movies you like? What is it? –uh well, you consider Justin Bieber’s song, Baby, as trashy, right? But I love that song, such a guilty pleasure–

If you could be a character in any fictional book/movie, who would you be? –Can I be one of Hogwarts students, please? Any House, any gender, any grade, but please make me a smart witch/wizard–

Is there anything that you are currently collecting? –Boredom. LOL–

Is there anything that seems like only you like? What is it? –I dunno. I like something simple, like dim colors.. I think I have a taste of an oldman. It’s me and those oldmen–

Would you rather live in your home country or overseas? Why? –I can’t say which.. I know I don’t want to live in Japan for a long time, let alone raising a family there.. But I can’t also say that I want to stay in Indonesia (well, I mean around Jakarta) for the rest of my life. I still want to see another part of the world, then maybe I can decide. New Zealand sounds peaceful and great–

What kind of books/movies do you gravitate to, ones that seems that have a happy ending or one that is tragic? –happy ending. Sad ending is exhaustiiing–

Do you believe in aliens? –nope. Maybe they are humans from the future who (will) find a way to live in the outerspace and travel thru time.. haha–

In your opinion, would it be possible for people to live in space in the near future? If yes, how? Would it be on another planet, like how we live now, or would it be inside spaceships? –this question is hard, but I’m just gonna let my silly imagination answer this. I think they will live in another planet, start to find how to survive the atmosphere or anything they find there, and make new technologies that can support a living in such planet. Oh, they will also invent a time travel machine and go back to present Earth only to make people think that they are aliens. LOL. Well, I don’t have any particular reason why I answered that, it’s just my silly imagination speaking–

Do you ever wish you were born after or before your time? Why do you feel that way and what time would you like to go to? –never think about it before.. I guess I’m OK with me now–

At what time do you think should one start to live independently? –I think you have to be independent when you get your first job and survive with it. I mean, maybe your parents still help you pay this or that, but that’s only for big thing you can’t afford by yourself like a car or even a house (and your parents are willingly to help, not you pleading and begging to them). But practically you have to try how hard (and fun!) it is to live by yourselves and pay your own bills with your limited salary. Also, if you’re in your 20s and still single, it’s better to be independent because being so dependent with others just gonna make you feel more horrible about your singlehood. I’ve learned that a hard way. Well, if you’re the only one your family have to support them esp financially, that’s a different case, you’ve been independent ever since that condition began–

If you could have one super power, what would it be? –I’ve always wanted a telekinetic power–

Well, that’s all. I’m still bored but at least I’ve killed around 1 hour of my boring time. Ahahaha..


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