Bentar Lagi Kuliah…

Senin mulai kuliah. Deg..deg..deg..

Jujur se jujur-jujurnya… I’m freaking out. I’m afraid I can’t be as smart I hoped I could be. I mean, I am not such a smart-ass, but I’ve never failed in class. After 3 whole year not using my brain, not studying anything, I’m afraid I’ve lost the sense of studying. I’m afraid my GPA will not be as high as I hoped. I’m afraid…..

It’s stupid, I know, but I’m so nervous!

Plus, I’m gonna study something new. Something I’v never learned before (or at least, long gone during this past 8 years since I graduated from high school. I mean, economy? Gosh it’s ancient).

Oh, nervousness, why you strike now? Geezz..

But I’m kinda excited because I know this will make me a better person, a more qualified one. AAAAKKK.. My feeling is a mix of nervousness & excitement. Never been this complicated before. I mean, when I was about to enter High School, it went smoothly. College? Smoother than ever. But this time I’m nervous. And excited. Well, for a very wrong reason. You know what it is.



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