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I suppose to sleep but I’m not sleepy yet, so let’s do this, Mel. But before I start it, I’m sorry if I let you down with my answers (I typed them on my iPhone) and that I don’t feel like tagging people back. I’m such a lazy-ass. Hehehe…

Okay, here it goes.


Favorite Actor/Actress
I guess Johnny Depp deserves this. He’s just so special. So the award goes to Johnny Depp.

Favorite Book
Harry Potter series, simply because I love the series. Ooh, and 3 extravagant books by Ayu Utami, Parasit Lajang, Cerita Cinta Enrico, and Pengakuan Eks Parasit Lajang. Feminist? Open minded? Speak Indonesian? You gotta read these books.

Favorite Food
Something with pork, and caesar salad, and salmon, and cheese. Heck, I also love my mom’s cooking!

Favorite Drink
Sweet iced tea! Hahaha..

Favorite Dessert
Ice cream!!

Favorite TV Show
Criminal Minds. –> me too!
But I have to add Friends, House MD, and How I Met Your Mother to the list.

Favorite Cinema
Plaza Indonesia EX XXI. The sofas are superb.

Favorite City
Yogyakarta leaves me a good impression. I wanna go back there again. And Bandung. I’d love to hang out there.

Favorite Music Video
Ah, no particular video… But maybe Orange Range’s Kizuna is one of the best heart-warming video I’ve ever seen. It’s natural, it’s simple, it’s lovely. Their Walk On video is also nice! Oh, I also love Monkey Majik’s Tada Arigatou. Damn, the list is too long… Ahahaha..


Okay, next:


11 Random Facts

I changed my mindset toward orange color thanks to my sweet friend Amel. I hated orange, but now I’d love to wear some orange dresses! Give me one, Mel!! You always look great in orange!

I once thought that probably I’d be a spinster. And now I’m freaking out and keep praying that I will not be one.

I don’t like my sexist boastful impolite boss.

I feel like slapping him on his face and shove a pipe to his big sexist boastful impolite mouth.

I can be harsh sometimes, but most of the time, I’m successful in controlling myself. Like, until now my boss’ mouth is still working perfectly. He can still boast off or make a sexist joke or talk to me about my private life which I have never told him directly.

I decided to continue my study not because I miss learing something at school. I just want to widen my network.

I wanted to be baptized when I was 13 or 14 y/o. But my dad, he’s Buddhist, forbade me. He said that I should take such a big decision on my own, not because the religion telling me to do so, when I’m big enough to be responsible of my choices. And I’m glad that today, at 26 y/o, I’m baptized and my dad came to see the process.

I am a top class lazy-ass. It’s a wonder I could finish my bachelor thesis.

Never watched Superman movies on theaters. Not even on DVDs.

Fed up with stupid motorbikers and angkot drivers. I’ve just actively driving for 3 months, for God’s sake!

I’m so sad that people stress on their religion more than their manner.


The 11 Questions from Amel:

Have you seen Pacific Rim and what do you think about it?
Nooooo!! *sobs*

What is the fictional place in films / books that you would happily spend the rest of your life in?
Hogwarts without Voldemort.

If you couLd choose a non-humanoid fictional character to be your adopted brother/sister, who wouLd it be?
Can I pick one of the minions? But I think 3 are better.

Name a fictionaL character you wouLd marry on the spot.
It’s hard. Maybe Ted Mosby. He’s desperate, cute, sweet, caring. I’m desperate. We can be clicked.

What book wouLd you recommend me (or everybody eLse on this PLanet Earth) to read and why?
Trilogi Parasit Lajang, Mel. It’s fun to read a feminist love-sex-spiritual story.

Do you have any favorite teen fLick / coming of age fiLm?
Errrrr… Mean Girls?

If you had a chance, wouLd you be in a game show?
Nooo… Don’t like the attention and the pressure.

What is more important for you, music or books?

What was the Last movie / book / song that make you cry?
Believe me I cried so hard when I watched the first 2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 9.

I’m going to borrow Reino’s question, because I’m just curious what other answers there wiLL be — Indonesian foLk taLe that shouLd be made into an epic fantasy movie?
Hemmm… I have no idea. Maybe the story about Prambanan with Roro Jonggrang.

Do you stiLL remember your first ever bLog post? What was it about?
In WordPress, it was just some stupid introduction. In Multiply……..forgot! Ahahahaha..

Well, that’s all. Sorry, Mel, I don’t think I’m gonna tag other people. It’s fun but to think whom to tag isn’t fun because I have a very limited bloggers friend. So I’m just gonna leave it here. Hehehehehehe…


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