Sexist.. or…?

It’s a well known thing that I have a problem with my boss. Not that he’s a mean boss, I just diskile him and lost my respect because you-know-why. And once you dislike one person, OH GOD IT’S SO HARD to have neutral opinion toward that person. Everything will be wrong.

I know it’s really a bad and childish thing, I’m trying to give him a respect a boss deserves, it’s hard but I’m trying. But well, yesterday I let myself dragged into being judgemental toward him. I thought he said something sexist.

I was collecting questionnaire for a study my department doing. I gave the respondents 2 days to give me back the questionnaire. But, as expected, not all of the questionnaire came back to me, so I had to call the rest of the respondents to remind them.

One of them, a Section Head, was so busy he didn’t read the e-mails I sent. And so I requested him to spare at least 10 minutes to fill in when he’s not too busy. And my boss, sat beside me, heard all the phone talk and said:

“Lo harus melas buat dapetin kuesioner… (Actually I was being polite, not begging to that Sect. Head, his ear or head is fucked up) Coba memelas aja, biasanya cowok kan luluh kalo cewek yang minta tolong.”

Oh God. I bet he doesn’t know me at all. I DON’T PLEA OR BEG TO MEN (or women), esp for something as unimportant as getting one respondent to fill in a questionnaire. If they can’t help me because they don’t have time, I will not use my gender to get what I need. I talked to them politely, I requested them politely, but I would never say: “Aaah.. Bapaaak.. Tolongin aku dong. Sebentaaar aja. Ya, Pak, yaaa??” –> in a very annoyingly spoil voice.

I hate it when he talked like women can get anything they want by being such a spoil bitch. Oh yes, he is this kind of old fashioned man with old fashion tought. He’s young, but old.

Or when he said: “Jadi cowok harus begitu, harus pinter cari uang.” when HE talked about how he got several millions of commission by getting some customers for our dealers. Okay, you see this, HE talked about it, I never asked or even interested in how much he earns money. HE started such talk. And it seems like HE created this standard how a man should act.

Or when HE talked about how important to give little surprises to your girlfirend to make her happy. How one little cupcake will make them happy. “Cowok harus begitu.”

Okay, that’s actually kind of out of topic. Hahaha..

Well, back to topic. Sometimes I think (or maybe because all I have is negative thought?) he sees women as less than men. I don’t know… How he wants to be treated by a woman he will call wife (let’s say she prepares his brakfast and cook him dinner… C’mon, you don’t literally ask that from your girlfriend/wife!!), how woman should follow the man (like, let’s say, convert your faith to follow his without even considering to do the other way around!), yeaaa such things that actually is disturbing for me as an independent woman. Thus, I said he’s sexist.

Or maybe because I just simply dislike him.


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