Middle of The Year 2013

Whaaat? It’s July 5th already?? Time flies really fast indeed. Getting older *sigh* yet nothing happened *sigh again*

Wait, nothing really happened? C’mooon, let’s count God’s blessings from January until this day. You’re gonna be surprised of what He had blessed you with.

You read bible verses more often than any other time of your life. You seek God for refuge. That is one good thing, girl.

You finally found a great usage of your Tab, your first gadget ever which you bought by your own money. You love all the verses you shared on Instagram rite?

You are now excited to go home every weekend and it feels good, rite? Compare to last year, you lied to your parents the whole year and you didn’t feel the excitement to see your family. You were a selfish bitch.

You went to JPCC and you like the services they have. But you can’t go there too often because you have to go back to Tangerang to get some lessons before your (finally) baptism.

You’re on your way to be BAPTIZED!!! God loves you, y’know.

You haven’t met someone new, yes, but you have A NEW CAR!! And now you can drive quite well. No more lonely weekend, you can spend fun weekends with your sister.

You are going to be postgraduate student this September!! Congratulation, you had passed all the test and you are going to have a new life in campus!

You got one new gadget which you use to type down this blog post. Welcome to mama’s life, iPhone. Thank you Dad for this present.

Your grandma’s condition is getting better. She can enjoy her old days eating food she likes and that makes her feel better.

Your brother was accepted for specialist program in Psychiatry. You’re gonna have your own expert consultant.

Mom finally had a Whatsapp downloaded and you can chat with her for free. Oh, and Dad got KakaoTalk!

Those and some other small things that made you happy. See? You are blessed.

You still have another 6 months, enjoy it and be grateful of what you have. By the end of this year, let’s count God’s blessings again, in case you are lost and act like a bitch in the middle of the way.


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