Creepy Things

Do you remember those creepy things when you were kid? I remember some and found they were kinda ridiculous.

1. Maghrib. Yes, people say after maghrib (dusk) the devils and all other bad spirit come out, thus children are not allowed to play outside after the dusk. I was afraid of it just because.. C’mon, what kind of children who aren’t afraid of such creepy story about satan? And maghrib was the right time to creeped me out.

2. Prayer calling thru the minaret. It has nothing to do with any religion, I was just so dumb I thought it was a mystical sound talking in it’s own language, some kind of spell! I couldn’t see who’s talking, yet the sound was so loud it creeped me out… Hahaha.. that’s so stupid right? Until I saw (and heard) the exact same sound on TV screen, and I don’t remember how, I just learned that it was not a bad spirit saying evilish spell, it was just a prayer in another language which was Arabic. I kept it secret to myself because I was so stupid.

3. Pak Wongso and Bu Bariah. I don’t know was it only my dad who was creative enough to make up one scary story, or was it a common story parents telling their kids? My dad kept silent and acted mysterious, with just a smile on his winning face, when the 20 y.o (or so) me accused him to create such a big fat lie about Pak Wongso and Bu Bariah. So, this Pak Wongso was a man living in a very remote village, and he was willing to teach bad kids about discipline. He would love to ask kids to work on the farm from early in the morning until the dusk. Bu Bariah is the female version, she ‘took care’ the girls. So, whenever me or my brother being naughty, my dad youd say, “Be nice or I’ll send you to Pak Wongso/Bu Bariah.” You got me, Dad!

4. Unknown film about murder. I was only 5 or 6 when I watched this film. I didn’t know why my parents let me saw it, maybe because it wasn’t that scary. This was a local film aired on TVRI. I don’t really remember, but it was a bout a murder case, the body was buried near the house, and people lived in that house were the main suspect. BUt, each of them had perfect alibi and they accused each other. I don’t remember who the culprit was, I didn’t watch until it’s finshed. When I think about it again, it really wasn’t scary at all, it was just tricky. But maybe I was shocked because it was my 1st murder movie.

5. 2nd floor of my house. It’s not that I believed a spirit was hanging in there, it was just so dark I was afraid I’d see somethind unusual. So, everytime my parents asked me to turn on the light, I stepped up the stairs and kept talking with them with big voice. Hehehehehe… Once I swithced the light on, the fear all gone.

6. Sleep paralysis. It usually came with a nighmare, and it happened a lot to me, since I was a kid until the last time I remember, I was in Japan. When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t move my body, or when I finally thought I made it, I still could see my arm on the pillow, like my soul had just left me… There were times when I saw something undescribeable had eyes, or heard voices like kuntilanak giggling. It happened quite often that I finally got used to it. Hahahaha.. But the last one was the scariest. I was 23, lived alone in Japan, and I saw someone in black robe walking around my dark room. I couldn’t move my body, then I saw him came toward me, pointing out his white long thin fingers and tried to touch my hand………… IT WAS CREEPY!!!!!!! When I was finally able to move my body, I realized that I slept with a blindfold, so that creepy black being was just in my dream… Haaaaaaaahhh…

7. Kindaichi comic. Since I read Conan, I can say that I like detective stories. So, my cousin said that there was another popular detective comic, Kindaichi. So, I borrowed some from him, I don’t remember which book, but I remember the case. A group of people stayed in several bungalows, and the murder started. One by one found dead, mutilated. The mutilation case was scary, of course, but I got creeped out the most when the culprit was finally revealed. A 13 y.o boy!! I was creeped out because I was also 13 and it was just shocking. I know it was just a story, but..but..but… I couldn’t sleep for days, you know…

8. Baby-look-like doll. You know that kind of dolls. I was afraid of them like hell, esp those who can shut their eyes when we lay them down. My brother used to chase me with that doll in his hands. Shit, bro, that was scary.

I guess I still have one more scary thing from my childhood, but I just can’t recall it right now… Well, some are really stupid, but some have good reason to creep me out. But anyway, this post is just for fun. How we see things differently now,  things that once scared us, is nothing because we finally understand.

The more I grow up, the more I realize that what I’m afraid of is… myself.


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