Tired Ted

"What you and Tony have, what I thought for a second you and I had, what I know that Marshal and Lily have... I want that. I do. I keep waiting for it to happen and waiting for it to happen, and... I guess I'm just... I'm tired of waiting. And that is all I'm… Continue reading Tired Ted


Even Gay Has Normal Life

Gue lagi blog surfing nih. Eh terus masuk2 ke blog seorang gay... Totally gay blog. No straight-oh-gue-paling-suci-dan-paling-bener-dan-semua-LGBT-are-sinners allowed. Bisa kena serangan jantung dan epilepsi terus mati. Anyway, maybe he's one of blog-celeb in gay world.. I dunno, but it's so interesting to read one. To see life from gay point of view. Which, will make… Continue reading Even Gay Has Normal Life