[28 Jan 2013] The Platinum Rule (HIMYM)

I know it’s too late for me to post this when you all have already known this for years. But I’ve just watched How I Met Your Mother season 3 and found this is interesting.

This is The Platinum Rule by Barney Stinson.
Okay, this is how I see it.
#1 Attraction: he/she is just so attractive
#2 Bargaining: you see only the good thing
#3 Submission: you let yourself fall into the charm
#4 Perks: everything about him/her is so special
#5 Tipping point: that critical moment, that big change
#6 Purgatory: you just realize this isn’t right
#7 Confrontation: needless to explain
#8 Fallout: everything ends!
I can’t say it’s applicable to all of us. But I guess it’s applicable for me who had a relationship with this one man who works in the same office. Stage #5-#8 was like hell. Like H.E.L.L.
Anyway, eventho it was like hell, yes, but I guess I’m moving on to the next stage added by Ted Mosby, after some miserable times…
#9 Co-existance: when you’re moved on and live peacefully side by side with your ex. But this stage takes time. Indeeed.

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