The Circle of Love

Hmm... ini tulisan pertama gue yang original bukan nyampah2an di WordPress ata cross-post dari Multiply... hehehe... Welcome me dooonk!! *rese* Well, langsung to the point aja ya. Kemaren ni gue ke gereja di Wisma Nusantara, Pullman Hotel. Nama gerejanya Jakarta Praise Community Center (JPCC). Di sini jemaatnya buanyakkkk bangettt, sampe2 jemaat udah memenuhi area gereja… Continue reading The Circle of Love


[28 Jan 2013] The Platinum Rule (HIMYM)

I know it's too late for me to post this when you all have already known this for years. But I've just watched How I Met Your Mother season 3 and found this is interesting. This is The Platinum Rule by Barney Stinson. XDDD Okay, this is how I see it. #1 Attraction: he/she is… Continue reading [28 Jan 2013] The Platinum Rule (HIMYM)